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Dean Village Tour

A Hidden Gem (Groups only tour)
Described as a “a silver thread in a ribbon of green"
A walk along Edinburgh’s river the Water of Leith, and stroll through the historical Dean Village and cemetery ending up at two of Edinburgh’s modern art galleries. Generally the starting point is Stockbridge (Hamilton Place) 15 minutes from the city centre.
Highlights along the way: Dean Village lies beneath Thomas Telford's famous Dean Bridge and is a fascinating blend of old and new architecture was a former centre of milling reaching back to the 12th century The area has a bit of a storybook feel to it with its quirky old buildings overlooking the Water of Leith and its bridges and winding pathways. Walk along the Water of Leith towards nearby Stockbridge and you'll come across St Bernard's Well with its faux temple. Or, if you head in the other direction, you’re just a short walk from the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Dean Gallery.

Cost   By arrangement
Duration   By arrangement
Details   phone or email for details as times and dates vary throughout the year

Group Tours - Excellent discounts -  Group size minimum of four.