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A personalised tour of Edinburgh with your own private guide

A Tale of two towns" Walking Tour (2.5 hours)
A great introduction to Edinburgh's Old & New Town

Our unique tour sets out to inform and entertain, as we take you into both the old & new towns, giving you a real sense of the two sides of Edinburgh. Revealing some of the secrets hidden within a city rich in culture and ancient history and blessed with beauty, mystery. We will bring Edinburgh to life for you as we stroll along the narrow streets of the Old Town, revealing the secrets that lie hidden in its dark closes? Accompany us to Edinburgh's elegant Georgian 'new town' to get a sense of Edinburgh moving into a more modern, enlightened and commercial era.

Historic Royal Mile Walking Tour (2.5 hours)
Re-trace the steps of the Kings and Queens of Scotland

Want to walk in the footsteps of Kings & Queens? Why not join us on our unique walk down the Royal Mile.
Our interactive tour will take you on an entertaining journey of discovery along one of the world's most famous streets, every step has a story to tell. On the way we'll learn some of the secrets that lie behind its historic buildings - and under our feet. So why not join us on a journey through time down a street that has felt the footsteps of both royalty and commoner alike and where legends abound.

Explore Edinburgh Castle ! (2hrs)
Guided tour of Edinburgh Castle

My guided tour winds its way from the Castle Esplanade up through the ancient castle to Crown Square, whilst revealing the castle's intriguing history. This guided tour helps you to orientate yourself within the castle walls, after which you go on to explore inside the various, historic buildings. Or combine The Royal Mile and Castle tour.

Graveyards, Murder & Mystery Walking Tour (2hrs) minimum of 4 people.
Edinburgh - The darker side!!!
Join us as we journey through the darker side of two of Edinburgh's most haunted and historical graveyards on this four-star walking tour, and also venture through the Old Town to hear stories of mystery, murder, graverobbers, Tron Square murderer, the wizard of the upper bow, Edinburgh's Jekyll & Hyde and not forgetting Burke & Hare, told in a humorous and entertaining way. Storytelling at its best.


Everyone Edinburgh - "A Literary Capital" Walking Tour (2.5hrs)
Follow in the steps of Conan Doyle, Sir Walter Scott, R.L Stevenson, JK Rowling, Ian Rankin and more
Journey with me as we stroll through Edinburgh's old town, with its ancient buildings, dark closes, streets and graveyards, which were and still are the haunts of writers and poets old and new. Discover what has influenced some of the world's greatest writers. Hear anecdotal stories and characterisations in this interactive tour that sets out to inform and entertain. A city of capital writers, a city built on books! Storytelling at its best.
We also offer customised tours and can tailor your needs around the places of interest within this beautiful city. We also offer flexibility with days and times of tours to suit your itinerary. Our quality tours are affordable and would hope by the end of the tour, you will have a real sense of Edinburgh, capital city of that old and ancient land of Scotland.


Individual Prices, for all tours, on application.
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